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Mon Jun 24 10:47:52 BST 2002

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> Interesting - it's more or less the same weight as Exeter Cathedral 
tenor, but a tone lower. It must be quite thin for an Ab - Liverpool 
tenor is also an Ab and is half a ton heavier.

Not - quite, Liverpool is only a quarter of a ton heaver, 82cwt as 
opposed to the 77cwt bell at Heavitree. Heavitree is a quarter of a 
ton heavier than the Cathedral.

Does that fact that the 11th at Exeter is "only" c.41cwt have any 
bearing on this? (No pun intended!). Is the tenor "heavy" or the 11th 
light? My rough calculations (based on tenor-1 being around 2/3 of 
the weight of the tenor) suggest that the 11th should be around 46cwt 
or that the tenor should be about 61/62cwt.

Mike Chester

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