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Wed Jun 26 20:35:30 BST 2002

David wrote:
>While on the subject of scales of thickness, it seems to me that
>Taylor's haven't cast thin-scale bells below B or C. Broadly, there are
>two weights for Taylor 12s in C - 35 and 40 cwt. 40cwt equates to a 60
>cwt Bb (as at York). 35 would equate to about 52½ cwt. Are there any
>Taylor Bb bells of this weight? I believe the chime at Bradwell in
>Derbyshire is a 39 cwt B, which is an even thinner scale, equating to a
>26 cwt C. Are there any thinner scale modern Taylor bells than this?

Manchester Town Hall is 43cwt in B - does that follow the 35cwt C scale?
Before the computer age I did look through Dove to find the lightest tenors
of a given key. Unfortunately I have lost the results! Some of the noteable
thin bells were:

F Croxton Kerrial 9-1-15
Eb Claybrooke and Tickhill both 13-3-7
D Ewerby 15-0-23
C Peterborough 25-2-22
Can anyone fill in the gaps or find thinner tenors than these?

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