[Bell Historians] Re: Thin Bells

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Thu Jun 27 11:29:08 BST 2002

The 6 at Broad Hinton are 8-3-10 in E - and very good they are too. Gilletts 
tuned down quite a few old tenors to very low notes, some worked, some 
didn't. The 6 at Sutton Veny, Wilts 8-2-12 in F are poor and the 6 at 
Hartpury, Glos 14-1-6 in E flat sound like leather buckets to me. The two 
bright Gillett trebles at Hartpury are excellent. The Eflat tenors at 
Claybrooke 13-3-7 and St Michaels, Bath 14-1-9 (tuned by Whitechapel 1998 - 
are both excellent.



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