[Bell Historians] Grimethorpe bells

David Bryant djb122 at y...
Fri Jun 28 12:27:13 BST 2002

mikechester_uk wrote:
> > Yes - and a number of equally excellent rings (Worcester, ..........
> Erm - not quite - to quote

No - what I meant was that the Grimthorpe bells at Worcester were so
crap that they've been recast by Taylor's, as have Ossett and Burton!
The back seven at Ossett are also in the old frame.

I've heard a rumour that when these recastings happened Taylor's offered
a substantial discount because they were so embarassed about them! I've
also heard that they offered a similar discount to Mirfield, but they
declined to recast - are they the heaviest Grimthorpe ring still
remaining? I really do hope that this doesn't make them listable!


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