Taylors and the use of tuning forks

oakcroft13 bill at h...
Fri Jun 28 23:07:41 BST 2002

Michael Wilby quotes Jim Phillips' suggestion of some months ago (on 
ringing chat) that bells tuned with tuning forks sound better than 
those tuned with 'electronic instruments' and cites the example of 
pre- and post-second world war Taylors.

Of course, one big change that Taylors made, round about the 1930s, 
was to move from just to equal tempered tierces. I guess this might 
have something to do with it. I am told by experienced and 
knowledgeable carilloneurs that instruments with equal and just 
tierces are quite different in character.

By the way, there has been some discussion of Nigel Taylor's RW 
article on the use of temperaments in bell tuning. Is anyone on this 
list able to distinguish between true-harmonic rings tuned equal, 
just etc. without taking measurements? (Be honest, because I might 
ask to put your auditory skills to the test!)

Bill H

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