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1. Re Stahlschmidt. "Surrey Bells & London Bell Founders" is best read in =
conjunction - if you can afford it - with "The Church Bells of Kent". Stah=
lschmidt clearly made some progress in the three years 1884-87. Both shou=
ld be read in conjunction with Tyssen's "Jubilee" paper (1915) in the Proc =
Sussex Arch Soc which is fairly easily and economically obtainable and shed=
s as good deal of light on 15th-century founders; all very well brought up-=
to-date by George Elphick in Sussex Bells and Belfries which as a working t=
ool is still difficult to better; though as David said, we wait for Dorset =
iii -with baited breath.=20=20=20=20

2. Meanwhile Time in Rutland (for details ring the County Museum in Oakham)=
is quite a remarkable and beautifully produced book; the first I know to d=
eal with bells and clocks in one volume together. John Eisel's Breconshire=
out to-day is a predictably competent work and excellent value for =A314.9=

3. On Grimthorpe rings on which Bill hasn't rung: is he excluding St Paul's=
, over which of course Taylor and Denison had a battle (the lawyer wanted t=
he tenor to be 3 tons in C - or was it Db ? - so JWT made a deliberate mist=
ake. The unique thunder of St Paul's always makes me think that an intervie=
w with Grimthorpe must have been like that ! Quasi-Grimthorpe perhaps ?
SJI is quite right about Headingly. E. D. Taylor paid personally for t=
he recasting, but excused his father the old bells, "the designs were not h=
is choice or responsibility". The parish still paid for the rehang.

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Re the discussion about the finding of the remains of a bell-foundry=20
in London. Stahlschmidt is a useful reference, I have a copy if=20
anyone wants stuff looked up.

Bill H

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