[Bell Historians] The bells at York Minster

David Bryant djb122 at y...
Sat Jun 29 09:09:50 BST 2002

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Bill wrote:

> Given the number of users of wavanal - about a thousand copies=20
> downloaded in 12 months - and the large volume of emails I get about=20
> its (successful) use, I can only assume that there is something odd,=20
> or even wrong, about the York bells.

Um - No. I think it's just me. I think the main prblem is a crap tape recor=
der, and the fact that the bells are actually quite loud in most places whe=
re I've tried recording them and this overloads the recorder!

> David, next time I'm at Whitechapel shall I suggest they come up to=20
> York to see if anything can be done with them?

Definitely not!!!!!

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