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Since the current state of "work in progress" on books is being talked abou=
t, folk might like to know that I'm working with some determination on thre=
e publication projects:

The Bowell CD-ROM - a catalogue and abstract of the Bowell foundry records,=
including images and text files. Almost ready to roll, but I'm hoping to =
explore a further source of photographs before publishing it.

Birmingham: Work on a publication of a book on "Bells in and around Birmin=
gham" - with slightly elastic boundaries to the area to be covered - is now=
well in hand. It won't fit in Warwickshire, so I'm planning to issue it s=

Warwickshire: My 1986 "near miss" publication is being word-processed and e=
dited into a more suitable form for publication. Actively ongoing

Expressions of interest for these would be welcomed

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