Lowgate, Hull

David Bryant djb122 at y...
Sun Jun 30 01:26:30 BST 2002

Went to the dedication at St Mary, Lowgate, Hull, this afternoon -
largely because I'd been roped into a quarter of what was supposed to be
LB Max at Holy Trinity across the road, which ended up as LB Royal,
anyway, to get to the point the Lowgate bells (details in this week's
RW) have been rehung using many of the old fittings (including the Mark
I cast iron Whitechapel headstocks) in a new cast iron frame built by
Fred Pembleton, laid out so that two more bells could be added. The
peculiarity of the frame is that it is anti-clockwise, as requested by
the ringers because the previous frame had been. The bells weren't
tuned, and they are a quite pleasant sounding old style six,
notwithstanding that the treble is a little flat. The local ringers are
to be congratulated on a very good job, which I know they put a lot of
effort into.


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