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Dangerous things these "breakable stays". You get absolutely no warning of
a breakage - most stays are cracked and therefore spongy before they
actually break - excepting a really really hard bash. When all that breaks
is a pin there is no transition stage(and no bump as the broken stay hits
the ceiling) - I have seen experienced ringers get a nasty fright on such
If your learners are breaking too many stays examine your teaching. A
learner never yet broke a stay!

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I have seen postings in another group about stays which are hinged on
one side and have a wooden dowel passing through so that when the
stay gets banged,the dowel breaks and to re use the stay another
dowel is knocked in.
I seem to recall years ago that the fourth at Burnley had an
alluminium stay on a similar principle,but the dowel was infact a
steel pin-and was very effective-strong enough to recieve an average
clout,but when banged really hard,the steel pin breaks.

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