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Fri Mar 8 17:09:19 GMT 2002

They certainly are a C20th Taylor ring - quite hard work (now) and odd-struck; good outside, not so rewarding inside (lead floor below the bells I believe). Thought they were a 1920s job, but looking at the Felstead database suggests mid 30s. First recorded peal on that site is Grandsire Triples on 16.1.1883, a further 97 (on 8) are shown up to 26.5.1931; quite a peal factory! The next peal is not until 1.1.1936: Grandsire Caters. This 5 year gap is the longest between peals up to that date which could suggest that they had become unringable in the early 30s and were recast say mid-late 1935? A further 7 peals that year ('36) alone - very popular! 
Not sure if they're on 2 levels - seem to recall the tower not being all that big.
All supposition...
David Bryant <djb122 at y...> wrote: 
"LOVE, Dickon" wrote:
> Worsley:
> The only notes I have are:
> 1,2 1873 John Taylor & Co
> 3,4,5 1846 C & G Mears
> 6,7,8 1873 John Taylor & Co
> These were of the old 8. Not sure whether they were since recast, or
> just
> augmented after this source was written. 

I think they're a modern (C20) Taylor ring. I'll see Tim Bradley and
David Potter later today - I expect one of them will know!


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