Warners and true harmonic

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Fri Mar 8 23:20:53 GMT 2002

Chris Pickford:

> Pocklington was an attempted true-harmonic job (1914).

Ah well. I rang at Pocklington the other day, and I must admit I 
rather enjoyed them. I didn't get to look at the bells, but a notice 
in the tower implies, rather vaguely, that Warners retuned them in 
1914 and that the bells were older.

Unfortunately I only have a poor recording of one bell, the tenor, 
rung on the balance. Partials in cents from the nominal are: hum -
2441, prime -1008, tierce -877, quint -493. The tierce is very strong 
and the prime is quite weak. Therefore, compared with true harmonic, 
the hum is 44 cents flat, the prime a rather considerable 197 cents 
sharp. Despite this the tenor is a pleasant sounding bell, it is 
saved by the prime, though sharp, being quiet.

I have been intending for a while to go back to record them all 
properly but have not yet had the chance.

Bill H

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