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I know it is a long time since we discussed the progression from
"Grimethorpe" to "Simpson" but I have just visited Headingley, Leeds
(complete eight by Taylors 1890) and wished to share some of the detail with
you. Unfortunately on this occasion I didn't do any sophisticated measuring
of harmonics or profiles but nevertheless there are a few worthwhile
The front four are cast with canons (outward curving) the back four without
but not just an absence of canons they are most definitely cast flat-topped.
Infact the back three have been rehung by G&J on cast iron headstocks with
no change to the crown of the bell.
The back bells (especially the tenor) have very square shoulders - Beverley
Minster type. The trebles are almost domed in comparison. The tenor is
getting on for an octave sound but most of the others have seventh hums.
Has anyone seen Merthyr Tydfil bells? What date are they and when were they

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