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Thanks - good to have details for St.Thomas, which is clearly non-standard.=
I only meant to imply that these were hung in two rows of four in parallel=
pits - not that they were the same as Larkhall. As I said, the USUAL arra=
ngement is 3-6, 2/1/8/7 because this divides the pit widths into roughly eq=
ual overall sizes for each nest of four.

I've got quite a bit of information on both the Headingleys if people are i=

St.Chad's (Far Headingley) was a Grimthorpe job, the church (consecrated on=
11 Jan.1868) being paid for by the man himself. It originally had three be=
lls (6-8) of 1867 - presumably in a "Doncaster frame" of that date. Five mo=
re bells were added in 1872, the ring of six being opened on 24 Sept.1872. =
The treble (dated 1875) was not added until early in 1876, and the first pe=
al was on 22 Dec.1877. The bells were all recast in 1933.

The old front six from Leeds Parish church was installed at St.Michael's by=
Charles Oliver (the Whitechapel bellhanger) in about 1841. Present bells c=
ompleted 13 Dec 1890

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St.Thomas, Bristol. The usual arrangement is 3,4,5 and 6 in one
row and 2,1,8 and 7 in the other

Sorry Chris - They are actually 2,3,4,5 and 6,7,1,8.



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