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The Online Rings of Twelve is entirely database driven - all information including paths to images and links to other web pages are stored in tables. The information pages are dynamically created per request from the web browser: all 116 tower details pages are in fact just one asp page!
The database is regularly backed up by the hosting comany I use, and a copy resides on my local machine. The one disdavantage with this method of storage is that an application (eg. asp web pages) is required to view the data in complete form, however provided that the definition of the database is supplied, the data can be fully extracted by anyone in any database-compatible application. There is a certain level of technology-proof storage in this medium as the data can be extracted to a text-file format (at lowest level) to transfer into another database, though most DBs provide for a more complex transfer process.
oakcroft13 <bill at h...> wrote: Dickon:

> Does anyone actually keep bell and tower
> information in a database?

I keep all my tower, bell, founder/tuner and tuning information plus 
an index of all recordings in a huge spreadsheet which I am in the 
process of moving to Access.

Bill H

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