[Bell Historians] Historical lists of peals / founders

John Paul Adams J.Adams at u...
Tue Mar 26 11:12:40 GMT 2002

CJP, re: National Bell Register.

>> I, for one, would welcome a standard format. I'm starting to put a lot of my
>> stuff on spreadsheets, but they don't all contain the same fields etc

I have always wondered about a(n Inter)national bell database now that
computers and the WWW have come far enough for such a project to be

I guess that with any large project such as this, it will take 90% of the
time to define the database and 10% of the time to enter that data. Maybe
this is where relational databases come in, according to MPW.

Have we got any database experts out there, rather than computer experts?

(still using pen, paper and text files).

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