Historical list of peals and founders

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Tue Mar 26 13:03:53 GMT 2002

I originally posted a message on this yesterday, but it seems to have 

I currently store all my bell details, tuning info etc. in a huge 
spreadsheet. I am developing an Access database to replace this, I 
chose to go relational because I wanted to deal with:
* more than one peal in the same tower
* bells which have been part of more than one peal
* bells for which I have multiple sets of information - before and 
after tuning, taken by different methods etc.
I am able to represent this easily in a spreadsheet but at the 
expense of volumes of repeated data.

Someone asked if anyone on the list had database experience. I would 
say, based on using their websites, that Dickon and Mike Wilby seem 
to know what they are talking about. . .

I would offer to publish my table structures but I am still 
developing them. If others are prepared to publish I would be very to 
see this, for obvious reasons.

Bill H

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