Bell-history databases

oakcroft13 bill at h...
Mon Mar 25 15:41:52 GMT 2002


> I am not sure whether the committee that started
> to consider the idea of a National Bell Register
> got as far as defining fields.


> I would be happy to publish my table definition for
> bells on this list if people are interested.

I have been experimenting with an Access database for my bell tuning 
information which is currently stored in Excel. Issues which add 
spice to the design include:
* towers which have had more than one peal in them
* bells which have been in more than one peal
* bells which have been retuned or for which I have more than one set 
of tuning data.
All of this is easy in Excel because the data is completely un-
normalised. To see a set of table definitions for an existing 
relational implementation would be useful (though I suspect it should 
go off-list!).

Bill H

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