Leighton Buzzard

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Thu May 2 15:36:07 BST 2002

Dave B:

> There were a number of bells rejected from
> the Leighton Buzzard ring because they had
> slight musical imperfections . . . and a
> rejected 6th is now 7/10 at Charminster, Dorset.

I rang on it on Sunday, it was tuned down a whole tone to fit the 
Charminster ring.

I was discussing Leighton Buzzard with Andrew Higson the other day, 
he thinks they are overtuned. This would not turn them into a WBF-
like ring, though, unless Taylors cast them to different profiles 
which somehow I doubt. The only point is the accuracy of tuning of 
the individual partials which I, like Andrew, think is quite 

Bill H

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