[Bell Historians] Meneely Bellfoundries - both of them

David Bryant djb122 at y...
Thu May 2 21:02:10 BST 2002

> de Turk's article states 
> The Troy foundry disdained this idea of tuning, as did most other > American bellfoundries, preferring to have the 'natural bell tone'. > They believed that the proper design of a bell's profile brought itws partials into the correct relationship and > that tuning by the > removal of metal was practiced by founders whose > bells had faulty profiles. (He) was not
> interested in carillons, their method of making bells and chimes having proved successful enought over the years. In making a chime. three > or four times the number of bells would be
> cast from which the most harmonious would be selected. The remaining ones were sold as single bells.

Taylor's have often done this with carillons - cast duplicate sets of
bells from which the best would be selected, with the others sold off as
stock bells. The 6th at St Laurence, York, was from a duplicate set for
the Albany City Hall carillon.


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