Meneelys and Taylors

oakcroft13 bill at h...
Thu May 2 23:12:15 BST 2002

Dan Meneely came back straight away with permission to 'reprint' his 
grandfather's speech, and it is now up on my site: I got details of the various chimes 
mentioned from the GCNA site.

For David Cawley: I borrowed a couple of paragraphs from your recent 
posting, I hope that's OK.

For all: I have just been provided with a copy of a brief history of 
Taylors, produced for their 200th anniversary in 1959. Andrew Higson 
seemed not to know about it when I asked him. It has some pointers to 
the relationship between Taylors and Simpson, I will get it on the 
web as soon as I can scan it.

Bill H

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