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> Once they had been removed from their tower there was little
> likelihood of them being hung as a ring again.

As the person who removed them from the tower - I have to say there were high 
hopes of getting them rehung. We investigated several homes such as Lyncombe 
(Bath) as a ringing centre and also Broughton Giffard & Tormarton. Sadly none 
came to fruition. I was storing the bells in my Garage at Chilcompton for 
some time then Bob Parker looked after a couple for a while. In the end we 
ran out of space so decided to sell them.

I have to admit - I was disappointed they were not rehung for ringing - they 
went like tops & sounded no worse than some normal bells I have rung. One day 
all the rings will sound the same & we will lead a boring life as ringers.

Ho hum

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