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No - BL (here) means Bell's Life in London, the "sporting" magazine.

It seems most likely that the peal was rung on the Mears eight at Holy Trin=
ity, Sunderland

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I've been doing some work for the Felstead project and have found an=20
entry for a peal of Grandsire Tripes at St Mary, South Hylton,=20
Sunderland on 4/3/1845, with a comment of BL; 9.iii.45.

I assume that BL is British Library???

Anyway, as far as we know, Sunderland has only ever had the rings of=20
bells that are currently in place, i.e. Roker (the best of course!),=20
Bishopwearmouth, St Igs and H.T., and that South Hylton has a small=20
chime of 8 bells. To complicate things further, I have found a=20
reference to the fact that the church existing at the time of=20
the "peal" was burnt down and replaced with another building a few=20
years later.

Can anyone shed any light on this peal?


Mike Cheser

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