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Thu May 16 16:16:50 BST 2002


Only just had time to go through Mike Chester's excellent lists of
chimes of various sorts. It's difficult to check through them in Excel,
so I saved them all as text files, put them into one file, and sorted
on the first coloumn (location). It is now a much more useable, and
searchable file!

Three chimes I can think of are missing. There is a clock tower with
chimes at the main crossroads in Brixton, just up from the tube station.
I have not been past for a while, but I assume this is the Lambeth Town
hall that is mentioned in CJP's large bells list. It's a Gillett
clock chime.

There is also a large Gillett clock chime in Croydon, in the tower next
to what I assume is the Town Hall, again listed on CJP's large bell

One I can remember from univesity days is that on top of the police
station in Swansea, and they were still making a noise when I went
pastlast November. No other details I'm afraid.

Two updates. The tenor at Irthington is not hung for ringing (source
Kevin Price), and likewise at Stapleford, Leics (source John Greenhough).

Other than that, a useful document!


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