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> Illogan - six bells by Mears & Stainbank 1889, replacing an earlier ring of 
> the same number (tenor 7-3-2). Weights 3-3-7, 4-1-0, 4-3-5, 5-0-10, 6-0-4, 
> 7-2-9. Originally hung by William Aggett of Chagford. Rehung on ball 
> bearings by Gilletts in 1930. Rehung locally about 5 years ago, but only 
> rung a few times as the job was unsatisfactory. Now regarded unringable, I 
> believe

I rang there a few years ago on an outing - they seemed fine except for 
stretchy new ropes. Whatever is wrong - I am sure some DIY work could put 
them back to a ringable condition.

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