Sharp Treble?

Mike Chester mike at m...
Wed Oct 2 07:53:19 BST 2002

>I gather a peal has been rung on a true thirteen at Redcliffe),so 
>should we not be classing such towers 
> as a ring of thirteen plus semitone.

I think we need to consider why that bell was placed in the tower. 
It was, in every case, put there to allow a light 10 to be rung. 
Only incidentally can the 13 be rung in most cases. 

There are quite a number of towers with a sharp treble and a flat 
6th, how many 13 bell peals have been rung on them? Hardly any!

The fact that this bell is traditionally called a sharp treble only 
confirms to me that it is not intended to be used with the 12 bell 
ring, but only as an "add on" for the purpose of the light 10.


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