[Bell Historians] Hodson

Mike Chester mike at m...
Thu Oct 3 11:46:39 BST 2002

> Don't forget there a re a few at Durham Cathedral.

How could I forget, I used to go to their practice every week up to 
1987! There are 5 Hodson bells in the ring. I cannot remember which 
ones, except that it includes the tenor and, obviously, excludes the 
two trebles.

The major reason I forgot is that they don't have a ringers website 
to remind me! The virtual tour of the cathedral has precisely 13 
words about the bells! The Official Durham Cathedral Website is 
entered, I assume by clicking on a picture of the Cathedral. The 
picture doesn't load, certainly not on my system! At least John 
Ketteringham has let them use the sound of the bells on the web cam 

All in all a poor lot for what is after all a World Heritage Site!


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