Re (2): [Bell Historians] Ullenhall (was Dove inexactitudes)

Mike Chester mike at m...
Wed Oct 9 15:06:34 BST 2002

> What is wrong with anticlockwise? I know some very fine 
anticlockwise rings!
> DrL

So do I. Ullenhall isn't one of them! It is a definite challenger 
to Crowle; these being big and nasty instead of Ullenhall's small and 

Leading on from what started this thread, with a few exceptions, e.g. 
Hoo St Werburgh, there has not been an anticlockwise ring installed 
for a few generations. It is therefore "likely", but by no means 
certain, that an anticlockwise ring will be in poorer condition that 
a clockwise one. 


PS I am sad enough to have rung a peal at both Ullenhall and Crowle!

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