Warner's bells

Bill Hibbert bill at h...
Wed Oct 9 22:55:22 BST 2002

I was reminded by the various discussions about Warner's bells by a 
section from Chris Dalton's Church Bells of Dorset, concerning 
Bryanston (cast 1898). I quote:

"Before 1995 the heaviest six bells formed a powerful old-style ring, 
unusually fine of its kind and constituting perhaps the most 
important work by Warner's foundry in Dorset. (Following a WBF retune 
in 1995) . . . the original distinctive character of the bells has 
been lost - emptied out, it could be said - and a gentler and less 
standardised approach to one of Warner's best rings would undoubtably 
have been more appropriate."

I can't comment on the above, as I have not heard the bells, and have 
not (yet) made a study of Warner's tuning. Interesting opinion though 
from a respected authority.

Bill H

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