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I am sorry if I went over the top but the 'From' line was blank and no name
was attached.

>From : John Ketteringham of Lovely Lincoln in Lincolnshire, England


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> What about secondhand bells? perhaps the Keltek trust or perhaps
> Matthew Higby (if you were after excellent new small bells)-both are
> based in the U.K and possibly may be able to help.
> Alan

Secondhand bells would be wonderful, but at least here in California,
they are few and far between. There is one large used bell dealer
here in the USA (www.usedbells.com), but he charges far too much. I
am going to look into the possibility of obtaining used bells through
the diocese, (they really should have a network for such things) but
I'm not counting on success.

It is really good to hear that there are actual trusts in the UK to
preserve bells...


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