[Bell Historians] Ullenhall

David Bryant djb122 at y...
Thu Oct 10 11:40:28 BST 2002

jim phillips wrote:

> I rang on Great St Mary's when they were anticlockwise. Thank heavens
> someone in Cambridge had the good sense to put them back the right way
> around. Is there any good reason to hang a peal of bells anticlockwise? Do
> they sound different to the ringers on the ropes? I understand Southwell
> Minster were rehung anticlockwise in order to make them the only
> anticlockwise twelve - is this correct?

No - it was so that they could reuse the existing 8 bell frame.
Personally, I agree that there is no sense in rehanging a peal of bells
anticlockwise when a new frame is being provided.


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