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> Talking of augmented Warner sixes, I seem to remember that the six
> augmented to eight by Whitechapel (E&S rehang) at Norton-sub-Hamdon in
> Somerset sounded quite good outside, although the internal accoustics
> were appalling.

I quite agree! I took the bells out for E&S and started to rehang them before 
I had to undertake one of my own projects. The project was completed by 
another E&S bellhanger. During the removal, we removed over 200 rubbish sacks 
of sawdust - some had swolen up with water & we had to do a liposuction 
teqnique to get them out!! Great fun - I should be a plastic surgeon!!! They 
were intending to replace the sawdust with another floor and do additional 
work to box in the clock weight wires etc. This never happened and following 
the test ring, the sawdust was replaced. All in all, I find them a 
disappointing eight.

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