Faculty System

DJ Bryant djb122 at y...
Thu Oct 10 20:36:03 BST 2002

Can someone enlighten me as to whether there is any centralised approval
system for Diocesan Bell Advisers to serve on DACs? I suspect there
isn't, as some dioceses seem to have advisers who are unsuitable for one
reason or another. I recently heard of a case where a church were told
not to ring their bells by the DAC bells adviser for that diocese.
Reason - there were some loose stay bolts....

If there is no method of approval, shouldn't there be? I.e. by the
Council for the Care of Churches. And what is the position as regards
Cathedrals. They no longer have the autonomy which they used to have as
regards faculties, but can they still do as they please with their bell


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