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Haven't we had 2) and 3) before? The problem with finding answers is in es=
tablishing precise or even "good enough" dates for frames and fittings.

On 2), one candidate must be the ringable three at Middleton (North Warwick=
s) in a fine mediaeval short-headed frame

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Yes, it's me again with some more questions!

1) What is the earliest known example of a bell's inscription being
reproduced in facsimile during recasting - Gloucester 11th? If so,
where's the first the right way round?

2) Where is the earliest bellframe containing a ring of bells, and if
different where is the earliest frame containing bells which are

3) where are the earliest bell fittings still in regular use as part of
a ring.

I'm not sure how you should define a ring in these cases, but I suppose
it should be a miniuum of three bells hung for full-circle ringing.


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