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No, they wre tuned - see the article Chris refers to. All very amusing. =
I believe that the two steel trebles, later discarded (Where to ?) - one of=
which I had seen at St Peter, Eltham, were the right note, but too thin to=
make a proper job of it. It makes me think that my contention that NV use=
d to mass-produce their bells, and then fit together the ones which at the =
time seemed to fit, may be correct.

I gather you've all been having a fine time with the Great Bell of Hatton G=
arden while I've been sunning it in the Channel Islands - and of course loo=
king at CI bells ! San Francisco was the biggest of all, see my article in=
the Christmass 2000 RW. Sadly believed no longer to exist.

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> I rang at and recorded Hale last night - my first visit since=20
>the dedication in 1988. Does anyone have to hand the reference to=20
>the front page article in the RW describing the tuning of these=20
> bells, sometime in the mid / late eighties?

IFAIR it was the two steel bells there were at first added to the=20
front of the "original" 6 that were tuned. Were not the remaining 6=20
left as Vickers intend them?


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