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Grea Tom (o' St Paul's, not o' Lincoln).

The first-ever broadcast of Big Ben was 31.12.23
Regular national broadcast (i.e. Home Service or Radio 4) 17.2.24
International broacasts began 1932 on short wave radio

3.9.1939 - 10.11.1940 The Pips replaced Big Ben

10.11.1940 Live broadcasting recommenced, complete with background explosio=
ns when there was a raid on (except 16.6.44 - 8.9.44 during the doodlebug a=
ttacks on London).
The 9.00 p.m. broadcast was the "Big Ben Silent Minute"; the chimes being o=
mitted and a minute for quiet refletion following.

Great Tom first used 1.5.34 -30.6.34, during repairs
again from 1.6.56 - 23.12.56 during major repairs

The other intervals have been only of a few days' duration even after the f=
ailure of the quarter train 3.8.76; the other functions, i.e. going and hou=
r (Big Ben) trains were restored to use within the week. Great Tom or The =
Pips have deputized - and sadly on Radio 4 largely the latter have taken ov=

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When Big Ben was out of action in the post war years, what was used by th=
e BBC?

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