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> According to the notes in my "towers grabbed" records, compiled from 
> Ringing World articles and correspondence with Whitechapel, the tenor 
> was rehung "between the wars", and in 1946 the remaining bells had 
> their canons removed in the tower, and were fitted with new metal 
> headstocks. As you say, it is strange that there isn't an exact 
> weight for the ninth, though the tenor weight could be seen as having 
> been rounded to the nearest eighth hundredweight.

The tenor and 9th were rehung in 1945 (the tenor with a new headstock made to 
the smale pattern as Sherbourne). The other bells were fitted with cast iron 
headstocks when the 6th was recast in 1969 - hence the most recent design of 
WBF headstocks. There is a photograph in the tower of the back bells outside 
the Cathedral in 1891 (Blackbourne & Greenleaf are also in the photo) so the 
bells definately left the Cathedral then. I seem to remember the weight on 
the 1891 peal board is 57+cwt - Ill check when I next go.

> Perhaps MRTH could get up there with a large spanner and a set of 
> industrial scales, like they did at Congresbury ?

Just bide your time - they may leave the tower for a while in the not too 
distant future............


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