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DLC has already confirmed that the 1759 treble was recast in 1906, but it's worth adding that Roslyn's History of St.Stephen's Ringers (p.158) gives exact weights for the front three (4-0-13, 4-3-17 and 5-2-3) and approximate weights for the rest - also indicating that the third was recast in 1906. There's an excellent photograph showing two blokes with watches and waist-coats, highly polished shoes etc, standing on the frame with the front four "up". It's not quite clear enough to show if the third was an L&J bell

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Continuing the Llewellins & James theme, can anyone confirm if they recast
the 1759 Rudhall treble (of the back 8) at S Stephen's Bristol in 1906 along
with their own, unsatisfactory trebles of 1891? It would perhaps explain why
Taylors recast all 3 bells in 1969 when they added 2 more trebles to make
the present ring.

Regarding bells cast by others for L & J, it would seem that up to 1862 they
were supplied by Mears and between 1863 and 1866 by Taylors. The mystery
bells of 1870 to 1874 as listed by Chris Dalton remain a mystery. Although L
J were probably by then casting their own, larger (albeit inferior) bells, I
do wonder if the old 1872 Mears trebles at S Mary Redcliffe, invoiced out
Alfred York, had anything to do with L & J as he was subsequently their
principal bellhanger, or whether he was completely independent.

Nick Bowden

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