[Bell Historians] Electronic Bells

A Willis zen16073 at z...
Tue Apr 8 18:33:53 BST 2003

In the run-up to the Millennium our Vicar was sent a circular from a firm
called Carter Voce, advertising their 'DigiToll' system. This a 'fully
digital bell system with the warm sound of real bells'; the bells being a
recording of those at St John's, Lane,Dublin. The demonstration tape
features the Angelus bell, (tenor) and several 'peals',i.e. rounds on six
and ten bells. You can obtain a demonstration tape from the firm (if it
still exists) on 0181 390 8671.
Our Diocesan Handbook (Salisbury) is very firm about recorded bells; parishs
are advised that they are only to be used in exceptional caes.
Anne Willis

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