[Bell Historians] Taylor Clappers

David Bryant djb122 at y...
Wed Apr 9 14:28:52 BST 2003

> We removed the clapper of our 6th last night as it showed signs that
> it might need rebushing - it does only 6/7 years after being rebushed!

It's probably got one of those nylon bushes which wear out quite rapidly.

> The clapper is a "stirrup" design that I don't recall seeing
> elsewhere in my limited experience of visiting towers, (which
> probably means that there are thousands out there!). It was made in
> 1901. When did Taylors start/stop using this design?

>From about 1895 to about 1905-ish, I think. Around here we have four of
1895, and four of 1903. They're OK until the holes in the metal sides start
wearing, then they really rattle. They're often known as 'fishtail'
clappers. Certainly quite a lot around. The back 10 at Exeter Cathedral had
them originally, although most are now gone. Most of them bells at St Mary's
Beverley also had them until a few years ago. Heavitree and Towcester (back
8) also have them.


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