[Bell Historians] O/T Pictures on websites

Michael A Williams michael at m...
Thu Apr 10 12:10:38 BST 2003

On Thu, 10 Apr 2003, Alan J.Birney wrote:

> Does anyone know if pictures off church websites and other related
> websites can be downloaded for personal use and can they legally be
> put up elsewhere on the web on groups such as this?
> Some pictures have a copyright sign on them, but what about
> the ones that do not?

Whether there is a copyright symbol or not, the copyright still belongs to
the owner of the image. Data of any sort that is available on websites is
still subject to the same copyright laws as printed matter - copyright
remains until seventy years after the death of the author.

I suggest you contact the person running the website (providing he is the
owner of the image) for permission to reproduce it. I can't imagine he
will object.


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