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JohnBaldwin Dovemaster at c...
Fri Apr 11 00:01:34 BST 2003

David wrote:

> Another report mentions the project of compiling a national bell register.
> Perhaps John Baldwin could comment on this.

I am in the throes of writing a report on where things have got to with this
and which will probably be presented verbally to the Council meeting.

You will appreciate that any comment made significantly before then, for
example on this list, could well generate lots of further postings here and
which will be impractical for me to reply to properly as well as giving
proper amount of time to

a) my full time job; AND
b) being an NSM (especially at, what is for a cleric, by far the busiest
time of the year); AND
c) keeping the Dove pages as up to date as possible (I reckon at least
30mins EVERY DAY are taken up with this); AND
d) filling orders for Sharpe Trust Publications (I have given up being
Secretary); AND
d) preparing for the Hereford Course (at which I am a tutor); AND
e) getting the NBR work closer to where I would like it to be by the time of
the meeting (and I'm already falling behind with it, Mike, with 2 * 162 URL
changes from one certain direction, and John, with questions which require
sorting through RW indexes - both of which decrease the amount of effort I
can allocate to e above and at the same time keep both my sanity and my
marriage intact, not to mention making at least a nominal contribution to
routine household chores!).

So, please bear with me and I'll be happy to tell you where I'm at
(recognising all the constraints implicit in the above) in due course. In
the meantime, I'd prefer not to precipitate another heart problem nor have
to return to hospital for more major surgery.

I'm confident I can depend on your collective understanding.

John Baldwin
(029) 2055 4457

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