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May I remind Anne of the following paragraph from the Introduction to the
Handlist :

This Handlist is intended to complement the Central Council Library
Catalogue compiled by John Eisel and the Index of Printed Books compiled by
Chris Pickford (see http://www.ringing.info/pubslist.html). In general
printed books are not included except where they are not listed in either of
the two Indexes mentioned. Because they are not listed elsewhere so far as
I am aware the technical books notified to me by Bill Hibbert are included.
I will be pleased to include any other books which are of interest and are
not listed in the two named publications.

Both books Anne mentions are included in the CC catalogue!

With regard to an email sent by Carl direct to me the subject index may
refer several times to the same article i.e it may be listed under
Bellfounders and under the name of the founder. By clicking on the Edit
and then Find buttons a subject is very easily found. Carl did suggest
listing the items by Title as well as Subject and Author. I can't really
see the need for this.

I would appreciate comments of others and, of course, if any genuinely
missing items are notified to me I will include them.

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Was all this work a waste of time?

>From : John Ketteringham MBE, PhD of Lovely Lincoln in Lincolnshire,

No, I have found it a most useful list, but, as you say, it is based on
Chris Pickford's very personal index,and his index of printed books.
do not seem to include H.B. Walters' Church Bells of Wiltshire, nor the
version of W.C. Lukis' Notes on Wiltshire Church bells, which is probably
easier to obtain than a reprint from the Wiltshire Archaeological
What other treasures are unwittingly ommitted?
Anne Willis

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