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Mon Apr 14 12:16:34 BST 2003

I agree with Anne.

If this is to be a Journal of repute the first reader should be a person
qualified and with experience in academic publishing. After he/she is
satisfied from this viewpoint an independent campanological historian should
read through the manuscript.

My MPhil 'The Use of Church Bells in the Diocese of Lincoln 1536-1799' was
examined by Professor Henry Lloyn whose speciality was the history of the
Norman conquest. He had been the examiner of another bell related PhD The
second examiner was from the History department of my University. I
suggest that a similar arrangement would be advisable for the Journal.
Can we please drop the term 'learned'.

I expect I will be shot down in flames if I suggest that my MPhil might be a
suitable item for publication in the Journal! Seriously though I am sure
there are plenty of suitable papers for publication especially now that the
Change Ringing History appears to be defunct.

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