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I wonder if JRK came upon this during his MPhil research, and whether he 
included it:

Lincoln Episcopal Documents - Court Papers 69/1/17

Ralffe Jones doctor in divinitie and precher of Bedforde 
within Lincoln diocese findethe himselfe greeved by Alexander 
Hunte Maior theare. That when as he the same Ralffe Jones 
upon the viith day of June 1582 that day seinge and hearinge 
immoderate ringinge withoute cause (for any thinge knowen
to him) as diverse and verie many times before had ben used
in the churche of St. Pawles in Bedford, againste the Lawes,
and to the intollerable troble of others, came then to him
the same maior by whose auctoritie he understoode that this
same ringinge was used, and desired of him, that theare mighte
be some meane, and no abuse used, and don hearein, he the
same maior by that occasion, without any iuste cawse offered
by him the same Ralff Jones, used and uttered thease speeches,
to and against him, the same Ralff Jones videlicet
That he was but the vicar and had nothinge to do with it.
That he gave nothinge to the Churche and that therefore
he himself (the maior) wold cawse ringinge as pleased him,
withoute telling him the saide Ralff Jones any thinge of it.
That the dyvell was in mee the said Ralff Jones and that
none, excepte the dyvell were in him wolde preache as I
did, the which I shulde know one daye, with many other
disdainefull reprochefull and contempteous speeches.
All which, by the disgracinge of mee the saide Ralffe Jones,
tendethe to the discreditt of my ministrie. which therefore,
(as in conscience I am bounden) I do desire hartelie may be
reformed by your lordship's good meane privatelie to deale
with us.

The saide abuse of Ringinge is suche that many times
they ringe till it be aboute twelve of the clocke at nighte,
and many times in the morninges aboute twoo of the clock;
upon Sabaothe dayes, upon Saturdayes, upon Saints daies
and Saints eveninges; and mervelous often at other times,
verie immoderatelie, all in his the saide maiors name.

Moreover the same Ralff Jones greevethe that
continuallie upon the Sabaothe, and holie daies, at prayer
and catachisme times, verie many remaine in the streetes,
and do in other sorte absent themselves, and do not come
to the churche. Whereof he hathe tolde the maior
privately, and publickly, and yet can not get any 
reformacion by him, or his autoritie.

Ra Jones.

Foolscap sheet, folded and endorsed:

To the Righte Reverende father in God the Lorde Bushopp of Lincoln.

Document or transcript discovered by Chris Pickford when we were
both at Bedford in the 1970s.


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