[Bell Historians] Re: Facsimile inscriptions - Wooburn

LOVE, Dickon DrLove at s...
Tue Apr 29 12:45:48 BST 2003

"All in all, I think there are 73 words on the bell, and in the font 
used it is pretty much covered from top to bottom. Only one example 
of a more 'wordy' bell immediately springs to mind - the bass bell in 
the Loughborough carillon, which I believe has the names of the 
town's fallen from WWII (please correct me if I'm wrong). Are there 
any more heavily inscribed ringing bells than our 7th?"

The tenor at St Mary le Bow arguably has 73 words on it too (counting e.g.
M.B.E. as one word).
Read them at http://london.lovesguide.com/mary_le_bow.htm


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