Kidderminster trebles

jim phillips jim at p...
Wed Apr 30 21:13:37 BST 2003

>"Apparently they are going to lip them and convert their tuning to 'old

Can someone please tell me what ' lipping ' means and also how it is
possible to convert these bells to ' old style ' tuning? I thoroughly
enjoyed a peal of Stedman Cinques at Kidderminster some years ago and cannot
understand what all the fuss is about. The bells were different to other
twelve's but there was nothing that a bit of good striking couldn't put
right. I suppose we will now get a run of the mill lot cast and tuned to
'modern standards' whatever that means. After about an hour into a peal
your ears will pick up the harmonics booming down - a sound you ears will
never get rid of for the rest of the peal. The sound coming down will be
that of pseudo orchestral with flutes and piccolos etc. Some might even say
it is just like an organ. When I want to hear orchestral or organ sounds I
go to the Albert Hall and hear proper ones. Bring back the harp like
quality of the traditional English bell says I.

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