Heaviest Three

Mike Chester mike at m...
Tue Jul 1 19:23:51 BST 2003

According to Dove the heaviest 3 is as follows

Highnam, Glos, Holy Innocents, 3, 25¼cwt in D. The heaviest ring of 
three bells; unringable; tower unsafe; tuning: 1,8,10 of 10. SO796196

Now, given their notes, are they really a "ring of 3" and as they are 
not ringable we can also look elsewhere!

The three in Wales are

Clynnog Fawr, Gwyn, Wales, S Beuno (GF), 3, 18-0-5 in E. Tuning: 
1,3,5 of 6. SH414497

Are these the heaviest ringable 3?


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