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All the info. contributed by list members has been forwarded to Soundweld,
including the enquiries for more information to enable the bell to be
identified. Their email is below.

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Dear David

Thank you for the updates. Please thank all the people concerned. It is
great to finally find out what has happened to some of these old bells!

I am having trouble updating my website so havent removed them from the list

Here are the questions answered from our files:

St Helens, Ilkley, Yorks (Mike Childs)

The name of the enquiring parish is given as St Helens, Denton, Ilkley. This
enquiry was from Nov 1969. It was a number of letters from the secretary for
the council for care of churches. He was enquiring about a small single 18"
bell, 1-2-0 cwt. with broken off canons. He stated that the parish wanted
the bell recast but it was too expensive...hence our involvement. The bell
dates from 1812 and had an inferior tone.

St Mary and All Saints, Whitmore, Staffs (Matthew Higby)

Matthew is correct in thinking it is the disused bell that was enquired

St Marys, Boroughbridge, Yorks (Martin Davies)

We would be interested to know who analysed the bell and found it to be
sound. The original report was by Mr Ranald Clouston in 1987. He was very
rarely wrong when it came to spotting cracks.

St Martins Church, Alderbury, Salisbury (Anne Willis)

The enquiry was in Nov'89 and was from a Mr J Kerr who was then the tower
captain. He describes the church as St Martins, Salisbury. His address was
in Alderbury...hence the assumption that the bell was there.

Devizes (Anne Willis)

Yes there was a bell welded from Devizes in 1997. This bell enquiry is for a
small 14" bell whose address was in Devizes. Must be a private enquiry.

Holy Trinity Church, Bilsby, Lincs (John Ketteringham)

In 1990 a letter was sent to Capt H Harrison following a recommendation from
Mr R Clouston. I have a copy of the report but did not recieve a reply to
the original letter.

Thanks again

Samantha Bowen

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