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We heard about the impending availability of the tenor of the ring/chime of=
three during February 1997. It appears that a deal had already been done t=
o sell the two lighter bells to New Zealand and a church in Kent. We don't =
have any more details regarding these bells.=20

At the request of one of the church wardens the tenor bell was put on our b=
ells available lists (ref. 97005\1). The next we heard was that Whitechapel=
had acquired the bell as part of the deal for their removal. It was purcha=
sed by Ron Shepherd (who had seen the details on our lists) to be the tenor=
of a proposed new ring at Wollongong, NSW, Australia. This was to be a mil=
lennium project but it did not proceed. Subsequently it was realised by Ron=
that it could be used at Hobart and so offered to the project.=20

At the time the bell was offered for sale, the Keltek Trust had just been r=
egistered but we had yet to launch an appeal for funds for our Bell Rescue =
Fund so if it wasn't for Ron's willingness to buy the bell it may well have=
been broken up!

Although I never visited the church, I was lead to believe they were in an =
bell-frame for eight. However I cannot be sure as my notes do not mention t=

Sec. K.T.

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